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Adventure Time: Distant Lands Blu-ray Review

“Adventure Time: Distant Lands” is strictly for the fans. 

“Adventure Time: Distant Lands” is a follow-up to the post-apocalyptic sci-fi cult animated series “Adventure Time.” It is comprised of 4 hour-long specials titled “BMO,” “Obsidian,” “Together Again,” and “Wizard City.” The 4 specials focus on a variety of characters and not just Jake and Finn.

“BMO” centers around the titular robotic character who is venturing to Mars. Alas, an encounter with an alien named Olive causes him to wind up on a space station that is in desperate need of help. With the help of a rabbit named Y5, BMO and Olive attempt to save the space station.

“Obsidian” finds Glassworm seeking the help of Marceline The Vampire Queen after he accidentally releases a dragon. The problem is Marceline is living a life of comfort with Princess Bubblegum and is hesitant to help.

“Together Again” is the special that focuses on Finn and Jake. The story is complex, but it deals with death, the Dead Worlds, and New Death.

“Wizard City” involves Peppermint Butler joining the Wizard School to relearn magic. When dark things begin to happen on campus, some wonder if Peppermint Butler is involved due to his shady past. 

“Adventure Time: Distant Lands” was very much made for fans of the quirky, colorful, musical, and sometimes trippy animated series. If you’re a newcomer, well, you’ll likely be lost here as these specials rely on knowledge of the complex mythology and multi-season spanning character arcs. Fans, however, will appreciate seeing the beloved characters again especially with each special taking the unique approach of focusing on different characters. 

Speaking as someone who has seen a select amount of “Adventure Time,” ‘Distant Lands’ didn’t grab me personally. Perhaps it was the hour-long format, the tone, or the special style, but the actual animated series seemed more approachable and amusing. The antics of Jake and Finn were the heart of the series and are largely lacking here. That’s not to say that characters like Marceline, Peppermint Butler and BMO don’t have depth. It’s just not quite as involving as seeing the ensemble cast of characters together within the episodes.


Presentation: 1.78:1 1080p. Grade: A-

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA: Grade: A-

No extras have been included.

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