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Star Wars: The High Republic: Midnight Horizon Book Review

“Star Wars: The High Republic: Midnight Horizon” ends strong.

Written by Daniel Jose Older, “Star Wars: The High Republic: Midnight Horizon” takes place before and all the way through the Starlight Beacon disaster. The story finds a group of Jedi (Kantam, Ram, Lula, Reath, Cohmac, and the force sensitive Zeen) being tasked with venturing to Corellia to investigate possible Nihil activity on the planet. Aiding them in their quest is a security team led by Crash who is also doing her own investigation regarding missing team members that might involve the Nihil as well. As the Jedi and Crash and company look into matters further, they discover a deadly plot involving corruption, a massive ruse involving a University, and a shipyard.

‘Midnight Horizon” has a bit of a shaky start with some rough dialogue and goofy antics involving young Jedi Reath and Ram. The interpretations of both Reath and Ram didn’t quite align with those presented in previous High Republic novels. It felt too much like a CW teen drama at times. Additionally, this book has no business being 484 pages. It was in desperate need of a good edit (especially with so much being reiterated). Thankfully, the novel improved the more it progressed. 

While the story may revolve around another Nihil attack, some of the character work is what really drew me in. here Not only was the subject of Jedi having attachments explored here (ala Kantam’s past), but the notion of Jedi engaging in violence is also touched upon and how that has impacted them. Their experiences in dealing with the Nihil has changed them and it was fascinating to see those internalized emotions touched upon in this story. 

Even though it’s a bit of a spoiler, it must be said that another highlight is the inclusion of Yoda. For several books now Yoda has been name dropped, but we finally get moments with the character here in the past and present. It was nice to finally learn where the character has been although there is clearly more story to be told there. Regardless, his presence added so much to the story.

For those who crave action, you certainly get that in spades here. The climactic showdown between the Nihil and the Jedi, Crash and other allies was massive in scope. To say it’s a page turner is an understatement.

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