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Stargirl Season 2 Blu-ray Review

Sophomore slump.

In the 13 episode season two (which is dubbed Summer School), Blue Valley is at peace following the events of season 1. Naturally, that peace doesn’t last long as the villainous Eclipso (an evil force initially trapped inside of a black diamond) has teamed up with Cindy AKA Shiv who are attempting to recruit others for a new Injustice league. As for the heroes, they’re all in a rut. Stargirl has summer school, Beth is struggling with her parents’ rocky marriage, Rick is a bit lost and caring for Solomon Grundy, and Yolanda has PTSD after the events of season 1. Other key elements this season include Green Lantern’s daughter (Jennie), Shade showing up in Blue Valley for initially unknown reasons, Artemis and her imprisoned parents (Sportsmaster and Tigress), Starman, Mike having a bigger role, Icicle’s son Cameron and more.

The first season of “Stargirl” was an unexpected surprise. Not only did it have a great ensemble cast that included Luke Wilson, Neil Jackson, Amy Smart and rising star Brec Bassinger, but the show had a unique vibe compared to the rest of the series and was, more importantly, fun. Season 2 feels like a step backward as the show takes on a darker tone with the Eclipso villain messing with characters minds and causing chaos. Mixing it up for season 2 makes sense to further explore the character’s complexities, but that should not come at the extent of making the show different. The DC TV universe is already filled with darker shows and that works for them. Making “Stargirl” go that route undercuts what made it work to begin with. Yes, there are fun moments to be sure (namely anything involving Thunderbolt), but there’s too much teen angst and far too many gloomy storylines scattered about. Perhaps the switch over from DC Universe to CW brought about these changes behind-the-scenes. Either way, season 2 was a frustrating, busy, tonal mess and the hints for a corny season 3 next door neighbor arc doesn’t exactly inspire confidence either.

Season 2 isn’t without its highlights. It was nice to see the character of Mike have more to do here both with his dad, with Thunderbolt, and with his friend Jakeem. Given that the deep dive into DC Comics lore was partially what made season 1 so rewarding, the comic book elements of season 2 also deliver particularly anything involving Starman and Jay Garrick. 


Presentation: 2.20:1 1080p. How does it look? This is the best the series has looked. Expect  nice crisp episode transfers.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? Nothing short of lively.
* Digital copy
* “Thank You, Georgia- Stargirl”- Crew members talk about the advantages of filming in Georgia.
* A near 3 minute gag reel.
* “Never Alone: Heroes And Allies”- As has been the case with recent WB TV home video releases, this 21 minute extra about the heroes and allies of the DC TV series is included here.


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