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Ranking The Scream Movies

What’s your favorite Scream movie? Now that 2022’s “Scream” is out in theaters, I thought I’d join the fray and personally rank the Scream films from best to least favorite. I say least favorite because there still isn’t a bad movie in this franchise. It’s nothing if not consistent which is rare to say the least.

1. Scream- Was there any doubt this would be number 1? Not only did “Scream” revive the slasher movie, but it also brought fresh life into the horror genre back in 1996. It’s hard to make an imprint in the horror genre with such a lasting legacy, but Wes Craven, Kevin Williamson, and the amazing ensemble cast did just that.

2. Scream 2- Aside from the car scene (you know what I’m talking about) and the death of Randy (I think we all know he should have lived past this movie at least), the second Scream film is still a top notch sequel that delivers scares, laughs, and plenty of clever moments.

3. Scream 4- An underrated sequel. Had Kevin Williamson committed to the final act instead of bailing out the heroes, this would be an even better movie. As is, it’s still an intense, funny, and wild sequel with a stellar cast

4. Scream (2022)- The fifth entry is too meta for its own good, but it still works reasonably well despite clearly missing the voice of both Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson. The new characters are a bit flat, but the legacy characters undoubtedly hold the movie together.

5. Scream 3- When I first saw this third installment, I absolutely hated it. Upon rewatching it, my opinion was more favorable. The Hollywood angle is admittedly a nice change of pace and the movie feels unlikely any of the others. With that said, the final act is still a colossal mess that hampers the movie overall.


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