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The Addams Family 2 Blu-ray Review

The second time is not the charm.

In this sequel to the 2019 animated “The Addams Family” feature film, Morticia, Gomez, Uncle Fester, Wednesday, Pugsley, Thing and Lurch embark on a road trip in order to bond. Their travels end up taking them everywhere from Niagara Falls to Death Valley. The core plot, however, revolves around Wednesday discovering that she might not be a member of the Addams but instead may have a biological father (a scientist named Cyrus Strange). 

If you were enchanted by the first animated film, you’ll likely be charmed by this Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon directed sequel. If you were like me and felt the first film didn’t capture the charm or humor of any of the previous material be it the 2 live-action films, the TV series or the Charles Addams cartoons, you’ll likely find yourself in a world of hurt.

The script by Dan Hernandez, Benji Samit, Ben Queen and Susanna Fogel represents everything wrong with rebooting a beloved franchise. In addition to the wholly generic and cliched road trip plot designed to get the family out of the mansion, the movie is littered with corny sight gags, contemporary songs, and modern references to try and make it feel hip (even though it instantly dates the material). Does anyone really need to see Lurch singing “I WIll Survive”? No. The writers also make some truly head scratching creative decisions including the most baffling one with the portrayal of Uncle Fester and the whole octopus angle. Why is this a thing?

On the plus side, I will credit the writers for continuing to create a story with themes about outsiders, not fitting in, and being comfortable with yourself. In an age where perfection is flaunted, it’s nice to see a story about people who are unique and out of the ordinary.

The voice cast contains a whole lot of talent that includes Oscar Isaac (Gomez), Charlize Theron (Morticia), Chloe Grace Moretz (Wednesday), Nick Kroll (Uncle Fester), Bill Hader (Cyrus Strange), Wallace Shawn (Mr. Mustela the lawyer), and Bette Midler (Grandmama Addams). Isaac is the best of the lot here as embodies the character of Gomez. Really though, this movie just wastes the talent of all involved. 


Presentation: 1.85:1 1080p. How does it look? Say what you will about the movie, but the colorful CGI animation work is impressive (and looks fantastic in hi-def).

Audio Track: 7.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? Expect a crisp 7.1 audio experience.

* DVD copy
* Digital copy
* “We’re Altogether Addams”- A featurette on the characters and the voice talent attached to them.
* “Courage To Be Kooky”- This extra covers the poignant uniqueness of the family.
* “The Addams Family Road Trip Checklist”- A packing list.

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