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Star Wars: The High Republic: The Fallen Star Book Review

“Star Wars: The High Republic: The Fallen Star” is eventful but tedious.  

Author Claudia Gray returns to the Star Wars book universe with “Star Wars: The High Republic: The Fallen Star.” This latest installment is set after the Republic Fair fiasco in which 2 key events are taking place. Avar Kriss is going after what the Jedi believe is the Nihil leader (AKA The Eye of the Nihil) Lourna Dee. The REAL Nihil leader Marchion Ro is plotting attacks against the Jedi and the Republic including a major attack on the Starlight Beacon via saboteurs. The bulk of the plot involves the Starlight Beacon being damaged with the Jedi attempting to save the occupants. However, there is also someone or something on board the Beacon that is attacking Force users. 

If you’ve been following the series up until this point, many of the characters featured in those novels appear here such as Stellan Gios, the aforementioned Avar Kriss, Nib Assek, Bell Zettifar, Elzar Mann, Burryaga, Indeera, and Orla. Characters from Gray’s last novel also pop up here including the Nihil Nan, Leox, Affie and the rock character Geode (yes, that’s actually still a thing). Alas, not all of them make it out alive. To say the stakes are high in this particular novel is an understatement. Not only is there a real sense of urgency here as the Nihil vs. everyone else storyline heats up, but the lives of many major characters are at stake (with some character’s fates being open ended).

As exciting as the events in “The Fallen Star” are, it all feels a bit too familiar. The issue with The High Republic series right now is that it’s trapped in a tedious series of disasters. This is the third major disaster taking place and it’s starting to get too repetitive. Yes, these chaotic disasters serve a major purpose narratively but is it too much to ask for stories that move beyond that? Also, the disaster in this one occurs a bit too easily for my taste. Seriously, where’s all the security and or security devices?

Character wise, Elzar, Stellan and Marchion Ro continue to be the most well rounded and intriguing characters. Perhaps the best character moment here though is the revelation of the Nihil spy. It will be fascinating to see how that plotline plays out in future novels.

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