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“In Every Generation” Is Now Available

After Disney bought 20th Century Fox, many were left wondering about the future of the “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” franchise. While future TV and or film projects are currently unknown, Disney Hyperion has released the first installment in a brand new ‘Buffy’ universe book series from author Kendare Blake titled “In Every Generation.” 

The plot revolves around a new character named Frankie Rosenberg who happens to be the daughter of Willow Rosenberg. She also happens to be a Slayer-Witch! The central story involves a disaster that occurs at a Slayer Convention which may or may not have claimed the lives of Slayers.

While there are plenty of new characters, old school fans needn’t worry as plenty of familiar faces from the original series do indeed appear here (I won’t spoil who). There may be some questionable creative choices present here (including Willow’s pregnancy), but ‘Generation’ manages to capture the flavor, humor, and atmosphere of ‘Buffy’ while propelling the franchise in exciting new directions. I’m sure fans will be eager for future novels once they finish this book and I’m sure fans will equally be happy to see new ‘Buffy’ content being released.

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