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Fury Blu-ray Review

“Fury” is a timely classic movie.

Directed by Fritz Lang, “Fury” is Lang’s first American film. The story revolves around a gas station owner (Joe) and his soon to be wife Katherine (a teacher). Joe has been saving up money for months and just as he’s about to go see Katherine (with his dog Rainbow), all hell breaks loose. Not only is Joe arrested on the suspicion that he might be a kidnapper, but the local townspeople believe he is guilty and want immediate justice. The townspeople eventually form a mob and burn down the jail where he’s being held. Joe manages to escape, but everyone (except for Joe’s brothers thinks he died in the fire). A furious Joe (who was declared innocent) vows revenge against the mob. His plan? To let the trial go forth without anyone knowing he’s still alive so that his would be executors potentially face the death penalty. Will Joe really throw away his whole life for revenge or will he have a change of heart?

1936’s “Fury” is one of those dramatic films that feels all too relevant in the modern age. While not exactly subtle, Fritz Lang’s film is a hard hitting story about mob rule, injustice, truth being twisted amid gossip, anger, violence, lies, anger, consequences of actions, human fragility and Lynch law. The storming and burning of the jal sequence is eerily reminiscent of recent events and a deeply unnerving reminder that some things never change. That’s a testament to the script by Fritz Lang, Norman Krasna and Bartlett Cormack which simultaneously explores the dark side of humanity and America.

“Fury” also works as a character study about a man who is about to enter a new chapter of his life until tragedy befalls him. He becomes broken, haunted, and all consumed by revenge to the point where he is hardly recognizable. Yes, there’s hope in the end, but will he ever be the same? Can he?

Speaking of the character of Joe, Spencer Tracy is in peak form here. He has such a deep character to work with and the actor takes full advantage of the opportunity. Sylvia Sidney also shines as the kind hearted Katherine who has her own personal arc here. Really, the dynamic between Joe and Katherine is the heart of the movie despite the dark subject matter.


Presentation: 1.37:1 1080p. How does it look? A crystal clear transfer of this B&W film.

Audio Track: 2.0 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? The 2.0 track is mostly serviceable but there are some noticeable crackles and pops.  

* Theatrical trailer for “Fury.”
* A prototypically knowledgeable commentary by Peter Bogdanovich with archival audio recordings of Fritz Lang spliced in here and there.

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