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Star Wars: The High Republic: Showdown At The Fair Book Review

“Star Wars: The High Republic: Showdown At The Fair” is another Star Wars kid’s book.

Written by George Mann, “Star Wars: The High Republic: Showdown At The Fair” is essentially a retelling of events from the novels “Race To Crashpoint Tower” and “The Rising Storm.” The basic story is that a celebratory Republic Fair is taking place on the planet Vali. It’s a big galactic event attended by Jedi and people from numerous planets. It also serves to perhaps persuade other planets to join the Republic. Alas, the event quickly turns into a nightmare when the Nihil pirates and the plant creatures the Drengit begin attacking the Fair. The primary character here is a Jedi Padawan Wookiee named Burryaga who flies a Vector ship and faces off against Nihil and scav-droids. Burryaga isn’t the only character focused on as the story primarily showcases the heroism of the Jedi who are saving and rescuing people and fighting the Nihil.

For children who aren’t quite ready to dig into The High Republic novels (which can be quite violent), this book acts as a more kid friendly retelling of the major events from this particular part of The High Republic timeline. Accompanied by vivid illustrations by Petur Antonsson, the book does feel a bit rushed as it breezes through the disastrous event while not giving much in the way of characterization. Still, the basic elements are touched upon here and can be absorbed by young Star Wars fans who can’t get enough of the universe.

As an added bonus, there are 2 pages of stickers here.


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