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All Or Nothing Blu-ray Review

“All Or Nothing” is an involving drama.

Written and directed by Mike Leigh, 2002’s “All Or Nothing” is a British drama that revolves around 3 families living in a low-income housing project in South London. Family one consists of a depressed radiocab driver (Phil), his unhappy partner who works as a grocery store clerk (Penny) and their two children Rory (a foul-mouthed obese couch potato) and Rachel (a quiet daughter who works at a nursing home. The second family is made up of Ron (an accident prone radiocab driver and husband/father), his drunken wife (Carol), and their teen daughter (Samantha). The third family is made up of a single mother/cashier (Maureen) and her pregnant daughter/waitress (Donna). The central story involves a tragedy that befalls Phil and Penny’s family which just might bring them closer together. 

Despite being a tough watch, “All Or Nothing” is a poignant film about class, family, pain, communication (and a lack thereof), and connections. Through the stories of these 3 families, we get a myriad of perspectives of the families’ everyday lives which are wrought with mundanity, financial woes, and strained relationships. Some of these characters (like Carol) are seemingly lost to the world while others feel trapped by their circumstances ala Samantha and Phil. It all sounds grim, but in the end, there is a shimmer of hope as an event brings Phil’sfamily together which causes them to reveal hidden feelings. Suffice it to say, there’s a lot going on in this deep, heavy, and emotional drama that feels all too real and relatable at times.

This is the type of movie that is an actor’s dream and there’s no shortage of incredible performances here. Timothy Spall is divine as the introspective and heartbroken Phil. A young Sally Hawkins showed real talent even then as the wandering soul Samantha. Lesley Manville shines as the unhappy wife/mother Penny. The rest of the performers like a young James Corden (Rory), Daniel Mays (Jason), Helen Coker (Donna), Paul Jesson (Ron), Marion Bailey (Carol), and Ruth Sheen (Maureen) also turn in layered and convincing performances.


Presentation: 1.85:1 1080p. How does it look? Newly scanned from the original negative, this new hi-def print is largely exquisite. There are a few shots that have some flickering but otherwise this is a fantastic upgrade.

Audio Track: 5.1 Surround. How does it sound? In a word- satisfactory.

* “All Or Nothing” trailer
* A 17 ½ minute interview with cinematographer Dick Pope.
* A 27 minute interview with Mike Leigh who talks about producer Simon Channing Williams, the characters, set stories, and more.
* “Love Thy Neighbor”- Interviews with cast members Marion Bailey, James Corden, Lesley Manville, Daniel Mays and Ruth Sheen.


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