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Dreambuilders Blu-ray Review

“Dreambuilders” is a puzzling animated feature.

In this 2020 Danish CGI animated feature, the story revolves around a young girl (Minna) who is adjusting to life without her mom who left to pursue a music career. She lives with her father (John) who has recently found a new fiancee (Helena) that also has a daughter (Jenny). Unfortunately, Minna doesn’t get along with the selfish, bratty, phone obsessed Jenny at all. While Minna is dreaming, she discovers she is able to travel outside the dream where she learns that her dreams are built, staged and scripted by beings known as the dream builders. Moreover, she learns that she has the ability to alter other people’s changes which in turn impact them in the real world as well. Minna attempts to change Jenny for the better, but it goes horribly awry. Can Minna fix her mistake? Will she ever get along with Jenny? 

Directed by Kim Hagen Jensen and scripted by Soren Grinderslev Hansen, “Dreambuilders” was clearly created to be a “Inside Out”/Laika esque animated tale about family, change, mistakes, and the power of dreams, but despite its good intentions, it veers off path. Yes, wrongs are righted and there’s a happy ending in which Jenny and Minna learn they are more alike than they think, but it’s the middle act that gets decidedly weird and a little disturbing. Not to get too deep into spoiler territory, but the concept of manipulating dreams to change a person that ends with a character in a coma is really quite messed up the more you think about it. Not only is that way too dark for this movie (or any kids movie), but it makes the character of Minna unlikable. Again, it does all work out in the end, but there’s something offputting about the ideas presented here.

In terms of the CGI animation, don’t be expecting something on the level of Pixar or Dreamworks. The human character models and expressions are a bit clunky and limited. On the other hand, the environments, dream builder characters (like Gaff and the Inspector), and fantastical elements are visually engaging. Sure, the movie could be more detailed, but I can excuse any shortcomings due to budget constraints.


Presentation: 2.35:1 1080p. How does it look? The colorful animated film sparkles in hi-def.

Audio Track: English 5.1 and Original French DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? Both tracks do the job. 

Extras: DVD copy and “Dreambuilders” trailer

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