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Till Death Blu-ray Review

“Till Death” is an effective thriller.

In 2021’s “Till Death,” the story revolves around Emma who is stuck in a faltering marriage. She cheats on her husband with a man (Tom) that works with her wealthy husband (Mark). In celebration of the 10th anniversary of their marriage, Mark takes Emma out to a fancy dinner before taking her to a remote lake house in the winter. Emma soon learns this is not a romantic getaway, however, as Mark has set an elaborate messed up trap for her which may or may not also be connected to a traumatic incident in Emma’s past.

Director S.K. Dale and writer Jason Carvey’s “Till Death” is the type of no frills thriller that we need more of. The movie wastes no time getting down to business as it quickly sets up the characters and the intense story that follows. The tightly paced 88 minute twisted survival thriller may lack surprises and be reminiscent of stories like “Saw” and “Gerald’s Game,” but you won’t mind because it’s so well done. It doesn’t hurt that the film is also visually stunning thanks to the stylish cinematography work by Jamie Cairney. Not only does he create an atmospheric thriller, but he perfectly stages every scene to maximum effect. 

Perhaps the most noteworthy aspect of “Till Death” is that it finally gives Megan Fox a role that is worthy of her talent. The actress has been wasted in lousy parts as of late, but with the character of Emma, Fox gives one of the best performances of her career. Fox really gets a chance to shine here in a part that is not only physically demanding, but one that also has weight to it. The story lies entirely on her shoulders and she is certainly up to the task of guiding this heart-pounding movie. Callan Mulvey is also quite memorable as the creepy, violent Bobby.


Presentation: 2.35:1 1080p. How does it look? The visually impressive gets a visually impressive hi-def transfer.

Audio Track: 5.1 Surround and 2.0 Stereo. How does it sound? The audio is a little soft in spots for my liking, but it does the job.

Extras: Screen Media trailers and “The Making Of Till Death” featurette.

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