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Shoplifters Of The World Blu-ray Review

“Shoplifters Of The World” has its charms.

Set in Denver in the year 1987, the story of “Shoplifters Of The World” revolves around a group of friends (Cleo, Billy, Patrick, Sheila, and Dean) on the day The Smiths broke-up. That’s not the only heavy thing clouding over them, however, as this fateful day might be the last time they are all together as some of them are going their own separate ways in their post high school life. While Cleo, Billy, Patrick and Sheila decide to party it up, Dean decides to hold a heavy metal radio station hostage to play The Smiths to commemorate their break-up.

“Shoplifters Of The World” plays like a cross between “Airheads,” “Dazed And Confused,” “American Graffiti,” “Empire Records” and a John Hughes movie so if you are a fan of any of those coming-of-age films, this might be up your alley. If you’re a Smiths fan, this movie will mean ever more to you as it is very much a love letter to the band. 

Writer/director Stephen Kijak has crafted a rather clever story that is full of deep cut references and various humorous and honest viewpoints on the band and Morrissey. More interesting than that is that he tells a cinematic story through the songs of The Smiths. Yes, this movie has a soundtrack full of REAL Smiths songs. There are no covers here. That really goes a long way here and gives it an air of authenticity. 

Given that this is a coming-of-age film that is clearly paying homage to the classics that have come before, viewers can expect some cliches, stereotypes, and cheesy moments as the characters ponder their futures and sexuality. The story itself can also veer into feeling like an extended montage or music video at times but it all comes together in the end so that can be forgiven.

There are some genuinely strong performances to be found here. I’m always happy to see Ellar Coltrane of “Boyhood” fame popping up in a movie. He’s an underrated talent. Joe Manganiello (who is also a producer) easily gives one of his finest performances as a heavy metal DJ with a heart. Helena Howard (who is a relative newcomer) shines bright as Cleo. She will undoubtedly be booking more gigs in the near future.


Presentation: 2.39:1 1080p. How does it look? Grade: B+

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. Grade: A-

* “Story And Inspiration”- A featurette with cast/crew members talking about the story and project.
* “Look And Feel”- A featurette on the production design. 

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