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You Season 2 DVD Review

“You” season 2 mixes things up.

After the events that transpired in season one, Joe moves to L.A. and takes on a new identity by the name of Will. Will looks to keep a low profile by working at a book cafe, but that doesn’t last. He finds love again with the cafe’s cook Love Quinn (yes, her name is Love). On top of that, the problems begin to mount for Will/Joe as he struggles to stay out of trouble. Candance finds him, he’s haunted by Beck, his new neighbor Delilah is a reporter, he holds people captive (again), he can’t keep a lid on his past secrets, he starts killing again, and his new persona of Will ends up being problematic to say the least. Other subplots in this 10 episode season involve Delilah’s younger sister Ellie, a scumbag comedian named Henderson, and Love’s wannabe screenwriter needy twin brother Forty.

Although the not so subtle sophomore season follows the formula of season 1 a little too closely at times with its coincidences and repetitive plotlines, there’s a big flip at the end of the season that stirs things up quite nicely. I won’t give away the big twist, but it certainly opens things up for season 3 (which will hopefully be coming sometime this year). I know that’s vague, but trust me when I say “You” is best seen knowing as little as possible. There’s a reason it has become such a watercooler show after all.

Story aside, the reason “You” works as well as it does is due to the extraordinary acting Penn Badgley (seriously, this guy needs to win some awards already). Badgley’s performance as the creepy but charismatic serial killer captivates the audience in a way that many actors can only dream about. Victoria Pedretti (best known for the Netflix Haunting of series) is a newcomer to season 2 and the addition of her character livens up the show to put it mildly. She plays well off of Badgley and brings something new to the table and to the show. 


Presentation: 2.0:1. How does it look? The standard definition transfer is solid, but I have no idea why this isn’t on Blu-ray given the show’s popularity.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1. How does it sound? From Joe’s narration to the music, the 5.1 track does the job.

No extras.

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