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Elizabethtown: Paramount Presents Blu-ray Review

“Elizabethtown” is a buried treasure from the 2000’s.

After the shoe he designed ends up costing the company 972 million, the newly unemployed Drew contemplates ending his life. Before he does so, he gets a call from his sister telling him that their father has died. In order to take care of affairs, Drew travels to Elizabethtown, Kentucky to meet with his father’s side of the family. While on the plane there, he encounters a talkative and quirky flight attendant named Claire who just might change his life.

Writer/director Cameron Crowe is no stranger to creating romantic drama-comedies with incredible soundtracks having helmed beloved classics like “Jerry Maguire” and “Say Anything.” With 2005’s “Elizabethtown,” he created a deeply moving story that remains an underappreciated gem in his filmography. Like his other work, this is not just a romance (although it is a great love story for Valentine’s Day). It’s a story about family, loss, Americana, healing, love, finding yourself, and connections. It’s an ambitious sprawling 123 minute feature that also feels very personal to Crowe and thereby feels even more poignant and emotional as a result of that. Even seeing the film again 16 years after its release, “Elizabethtown” is a sweet tale of life’s unexpected journey and how in the lowest of low points in one’s life you can soar to the highest of high points. In these dark and troubled times, it’s the kind of film that feels needed right now. 

The cast here is extraordinary as it features the likes of Orlando Bloom, Kirsten Dunst, Jessica Beal, Susan Sarandon, Judy Greer, Alec Baldwin, and even Paula Deen. Bloom easily gives one of his best performances here. It’s a very grounded, vulnerable performance that we don’t see much of from him. Dunst has had such a varied career and her bubbly and charming performance as Claire lights up the screen. Sarandon may not have much screentime, but her big moment is really heartfelt. 


Presentation: 1.85:1 1080p. How does it look? The film has been given a great new hi-def transfer.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? A fantastic 5.1 track that does the incredible soundtrack featuring everyone from Tom Petty to Elton John justice.

* A photo gallery by Neal Preston.
* 3 trailers/TV spots.
* 8 deleted/extended scenes with a Cameron Crowe intro.
* “Filmmaker Focus: Cameron Crowe On Elizabethtown”- A new interview with the director who shares his vision of the film.
* “Meet The Crew” and “Training Wheels” (a short collection of behind-the-scenes footage) featurettes.
* “The Music Of Elizabethtown”- Crowe talks about the soundtrack.
* “On The Road To Elizabethtown”- A standard extra about the story and the road trip aspect.

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  1. 123 mins? That still sounds twenty mins shorter than the version I saw in Venice…

    Comment by tensecondsfromnow | February 7, 2021 | Reply

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