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10 Random Recommendations Part 24

New year, new recommendations.

1. Rivers Cuomo Demos- Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo has recently released bundles of demos from various album eras that fans can now purchase and listen to via Dropbox files. I haven’t bought them all just yet, but what I have heard is nothing short of essential for Weezer fans. The Everything Will Be Alright In The End bundle is the best by far as it contains a wealth of great songs that really should be on albums. Head over to riverscuomo.com if you are interested

2. Elvis Presley- From Elvis In Nashville- Wonderful newly released 1970 recording sessions of the King.

3. The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special- The holidays may be over but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this joyous animated special that pays tribute to all eras of Star Wars.

4. Eels- Earth To Dora- I’d say that I’m a casual fan of the Eels, but this new album really spoke to me. Hopefully it will speak to you too.

5. Solo: A Star Wars Story- Deluxe Edition Film Score- This new digital release contains 15 more tracks than the original soundtrack release. 

6. Jimi Hendrix- Live In Maui- I haven’t heard all of the Hendrix live albums yet, but this might be my favorite that I have heard so far. Just a rockin’ good time.

7. Popeye Blu-ray- Robert Altman’s adaptation isn’t flawless, but it’s a perfectly cast, ambitious and fun take on the beloved character.

8. Ghost Dog: The Way Of The Samurai Criterion Blu-ray- Jim Jarmusch at his best.

9. Mountain Dew: Major Melon- Mt. Dew’s first permanent flavor in years is a tasty winner. 

10. Tremors 4K- The monster movie favorite gets a fantastic new 4K release courtesy of Arrow Video.

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