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Updated! Ranking The X-Men Universe Films

Now that “The New Mutants” has been released on home video, I figured I’d make an updated ranking list on all of the X-Men universe films. As far as we all know, these 13 films will be everything we see before the X-Men universe is reborn in the MCU. We still don’t know what the future of Deadpool is though! Anyway, enough of my yammering. On with the list!

1. X-Men: First Class- After the messy “X-Men: The Last Stand” and the abominable “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” the future looked grim for the X-Men franchise until Matthew Vaughn completely reinvented it with this stylish James Bondian prequel with an excellent new cast.

2. Logan- Following 2 solo duds, Hugh Jackman finally got to star in a film that was not only worthy of his talents but one that nailed the character of Logan/Wolverine. There’s a reason why this entry got an Academy Award nomination for best screenplay- it’s that good.

3. X2- From the opening sequence with Nightcrawler, it was clear this sequel was going to be something special…and it was.

4. X-Men- It’s been 20 years now since the first film and I still hold a special place in my heart for this one. It showed audiences what a comic book movie could be and greatly inspired the current wave of comic films that we see now.

5. Deadpool- A hilarious spin-off of the Merc With A Mouth. Ryan Reynolds was born to play this character.

6. X-Men: Days of Future Past- I’m not as high on this film as some are, but there’s no question it’s a quality sequel. It’s worth praise just for the Quicksilver sequence alone.

7. X-Men: Apocalypse- I’m of the belief that this film gets a bad wrap. Is it flawed? Yes, but the new cast of characters is a joy to behold. 

8. The New Mutants- While underwhelming from a story perspective, strong performances by Anya Taylor-Joy and Maisie Williams help lift up this attempt at a new franchise.

9. X-Men: The Last Stand- There’s no question that this third entry is a rushed, sloppy sequel that completely botches the Dark Phoenix saga and wastes the character of Cyclops. However, there’s something admirable about its risk taking, go for broke approach. 

10. The Wolverine- A poor third act crushes what might have been a promising Wolverine tale.

11. Deadpool 2- I know a lot of fans are fond of this sequel, but, to me, it lacked everything that made the first film such a winner. Not even the numerous editions of this movie could save it. The end credits sequence is masterfully done though.

12. Dark Phoenix- It’s clear now that there should never be another attempt at the Dark Phoenix saga again. The only saving grace here is some impressive action sequences.

13. X-Men Origins: Wolverine- The less said about this film the better. It’s a true cinematic travesty and quite possibly the worst comic book film ever made.

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