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Star Wars: The Mandalorian- Season 2 Poster Book Review

“Star Wars: The Mandalorian- Season 2 Poster Book” comes out just in time for the new season.

For those wondering if the “Star Wars: The Mandalorian- Season 2 Poster Book” contains spoilers or clues as to what is ahead in season two, it does not. In fact, this whole poster book seems like a bit of a premature release in that it doesn’t actually contain much in the way of showing anything from season 2 outside of Tatooine imagery, a Bantha, and a speeder bike (which all came from Chapter 9 AKA season 2 episode 1). That’s it. It’s really more of a tie-in to the sophomore season which just debuted less than a week ago.

So what is contained in this poster book, you ask? 16 double-sided pull-out posters with artwork of the titular Mando (AKA Din Djarin) and the ever popular The Child (AKA Baby Yoda). No other characters are shown (only a Bantha and a frog creature). Moreover, there is only one live-action image from the series (a hero pose of Mando). Everything else you see in the posters is artwork of various styles. Worry not, however, as the art contains plenty of neat images on display such as the cutesy Baby Yoda expressions and a cool comic book esque shot of Mando and Baby Yoda on a speeder bike.

Even though one has to figure another poster book that will cover all of season 2 is bound to be released in the near future, this is still a bargain at $7.99. Not only do you get 16 posters, but you get plenty of The Child/Baby Yoda posters which are undoubtedly in high demand right now.

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