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10 Random Recommendations Part 23

A new batch of recommendations for you this week!

1. Love and Monsters- Originally scheduled to hit theaters in 2021, Paramount recently released this title on VOD. As of this moment, this is my favorite film of 2020. It’s a romance film, a comedy film, a sci-fi film, a post-apocalyptic film, and a monster movie. Basically, it’s everything great rolled into one.

2. Back To the Future Trilogy 4K Set- One of the most anticipated 4K releases of the year is here at last complete with new bonus features. And to answer your question- Yes, the stunning 4K transfers are very much worth the upgrade.

3. Mallrats- Arrow Video has released a new edition of the Kevin Smith cult classic that is loaded with extra features and 3 cuts of the movie. 

4. The Gunfighter Criterion- This deeply underrated classic western with Gregory Peck deserves more attention.

5. Star Trek: Picard Season 1 Blu-ray- If you don’t have CBS All Access, now is your chance to check out the new Star Trek series on home video.

6. Adaptation Blu-ray- Spike Jonze + Charlie Kaufman + Nicolas Cage + Chris Cooper + Meryl Streep + one of the best scripts of the past 20 years= a winner.

7. Tom Petty- Wildflowers and All The Rest- Tom Petty’s brilliant “Wildflowers” album came out almost 26 years ago. In honor of this anniversary, several new box set releases of the late great musician’s iconic album have come out featuring home recordings, live tracks, unreleased songs and more. 

8. Star Trek: Discovery Season 3- Do you need more Star Trek? You’re in luck. If you DO have CBS All Access, season 3 of DISCO has recently started with new episodes being released each Thurs.

9. Primal- Genndy Tartakovsky’s deeply immersive series about a dinosaur and a caveman is a must for any animation connoisseur. The back half of season 1 is currently airing on Adult Swim. The first half is available on HBOMax.

10. Bruce Springsteen- Letter To You- A new Springsteen album. What more needs to be said? 

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