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Star Wars Adventures: The Clone Wars: Battle Tales #4 Review


“Star Wars Adventures: The Clone Wars: Battle Tales” continues on with issue 4.

Writer Michael Moreci’s “Star Wars Adventures: The Clone Wars: Battle Tales” comic series puts readers right into the action in issue 4 a a group of Clone troopers (including Heater) are in a “heated” battle against Battle Droids. In typical fashion for this series, a flashback occurs with Heater and other Deserters struggling to fit in with other Clone soldiers. Heater and others get a chance at redemption when they’re offered a new mission to destroy a Separatist Weapons Depot. Of course, they run into droid complications.

The fourth issue follows the formula of the previous issues with the main storyline continuing on with a lengthy flashback making up most of the issues. Again, there is no real advancement on the main story here. The flashback also has the usual “moral story,” but this time around it does offer up some actual characterization. The character of Heater gets a significant story arc here in the past and present which was refreshing to see instead of a usual throwaway story. I was also pleased to see the flashback had a meaningful tale about Clone troopers working together and acting as a family unit.

The artwork is exceptional as always. Artist Derek Charm and colorist Luis Antonio Delgado’s work on the main storyline offers up a very colorful animation style while Davide Tinto’s flashback story had a very detailed and vivid style that elevated the entire issue. The coloring work by Thomas Deer added a lot to Tinto’s work as well.

As per usual, the comic concludes with a cover art gallery and IDW comic ads for various titles.

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