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10 Underrated Adult Animated Series

The Life And Times Of Tim Season 2 DVD Sealab

After finishing “Mission Hill” this past week, I was inspired to do a list of 10 underrated adult animated series. The entries are in no particular order. Enjoy!


  1. Mission Hill- After hearing a spin-off titled “Gus and Wally” was announced, I decided to check out this cult animated series and I’m happy I did. Not only is it one of the best adult animated series, but it’s a great character centric series about family, 20 somethings, relationships and adulthood.


  1. The Critic- A hilarious series about a film critic that spoofs anything and everything from the film world.


  1. Sealab 2021- Far and away the best (and funniest) Adult Swim animated series. The late talented Harry Goz (who voiced Captain Murphy) is deeply missed.


  1. Daria- The “Beavis And Butt-Head” spin-off was entirely different from its counterpart. Instead, it was a smart look at teen and family life.


  1. Clerks: The Animated Series- A fun short-lived offshoot of Kevin Smith’s classic film.


  1. Perfect Hair Forever- A perfect spoof of anime series.


  1. The Life And Times Of Tim- A forgotten gem in which nothing seems to go right for the titular character.


  1. Primal- The newest series on this list is a thrilling and emotional wordless saga about a caveman and a T-Rex.


  1. Frisky Dingo- In a perfect world this series would be still going and be as popular as “Archer,” but alas, that’s not the case. Still, there’s 2 seasons to enjoy from this oddball supervillain/superhero series.


  1. Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist- In many ways, this Comedy Central series ushered in the modern era of adult animated comedies.

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