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Body Cam DVD Review


“Body Cam” never lives up to its potential.

In 2020’s “Body Cam,” the story revolves around 2 police officers (Renee and Danny) investigating the strange death of a fellow officer. The death seems to be linked to a woman named Taneesha but it’s not clear why. As Renee digs deeper into the case, she encounters eerie body cam footage, a shadowy figure, and a disturbing past incident which may or may not be linked to what is going on.

At a time in which protests for defunding the police are actively taking place, director Malik Vitthal’s “Body Cam” is a startlingly relevant supernatural cop drama at times. The script penned by Nicholas McCarthy and Richmond Riedel is at its best when it addresses police brutality, police corruption, the mistrust of police, and the abuse of power by the police through a horror movie lens. Unfortunately, all of that topical intrigue is wasted and underdeveloped in what essentially becomes a rather basic horror revenge film with paper thin characterization and far too many scenes of characters wandering around with flashlights in dark places at night. It also seemed like a major missed opportunity to explore the notion of a cop (Renee) with a screwed up past (both on and off the job) further breaking the rules but redeeming herself to become a hero.

On the subject of the characters, the cast is also wasted. Mary J. Blige (who was recently nominated for an Oscar for her fantastic work in the underseen “Mudbound”) seems miscast here and is rather stilted in the role (although that could largely be due to the scripting of her character). Likewise, ultra talented rising star Nat Wolff seems entirely disinterested as Danny and I can’t say I blame him.


Presentation: Widescreen. How does it look? A quality transfer although it is very odd this movie isn’t coming to Blu-ray.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital 5.1. How does it sound? A satisfactory 5.1 track.

The lone extra is a digital copy.

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