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Star Wars Adventures: The Clone Wars: Battle Tales #2 Review


Attack of the clones.

In writer Michael Moreci’s second issue of “Star Wars Adventures: The Clone Wars: Battle Tales,” the action heats up. Anakin and Obi-Wan are dueling Count Dooku and Asajj Ventress on Hisseen while Plo Koon attempts to send a message about the Parliament to Commander Wolffe and company. The message gets through but the orders aren’t clear. We then get a flashback to Wolffe (and the Wolfpack) and Plo Koon attempting to liberate a Nexus trading outpost from Separatist control and save a hostage. 

After setting up the story in issue 1, Moreci continues the story with an action heavy issue. It begins with a lightsaber battle and only gets more intense in the flashback with rocket propelled clone troopers vs aerial droids and starship battles. Of course, at its heart, the stories are all about trust (particularly between Plo Koon and Wolffe) and how the past affects the present. It’s all very simple, but it works.

The art duties are split by Derek Charm and Megan Levens (who did the flashback section). Both styles are quite different. Charm sticks with the standard colorful “Star Wars Adventures” style while Levens work is more detailed and vivid. The work of Charm and Levens is aided by first rate coloring work by Luis Antonio Delgado and Charlie Kirchoff.

As per usual, the comic concludes with a cover art gallery and ads for other IDW and Star Wars titles.

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