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Great Day In The Morning Blu-ray Review


“Great Day In The Morning” is a challenging western.

Based on the novel by Robert Hardy Andrews, 1956’s “Great Day In The Morning” takes place right before the start of the Civil War. The story begins with a Southern loner (Owen) meeting a trio (Stephen, Ann and Zeff) who save his neck. It turns out all 4 are headed to Denver, Colorado for their own various reasons. Upon arrival, Owen winds up winning the local saloon/hotel/warehouse from a cheat named Jumbo while also falling for two women (the saloon girl Boston and the aforementioned Ann). Alas, his life becomes complicated by the brewing tensions between the North and the South. There also key subplots involving gold and an orphaned child but I won’t spoil those. 

Director Jacques Tourneur is perhaps best known for his horror features, but the renowned filmmaker also explored other genres such as westerns. “Great Day In The Morning” isn’t a film that is often mentioned, but it’s a rather compelling piece that feels all too relevant nowadays as the story focuses on violence, a divided nation, greed, and humanity’s dark side. Sure, there’s also a  romantic triangle here along with a character (Owen) essentially maturing, but, for the most part, this is a fairly dark and tense western drama that doesn’t have a traditional hero, happy moments, or any real levity. Personally, I found it refreshing as it sets itself apart from other western genre fare, but it may be off-putting to some. 

The cast is stacked with talent (pun intended) as it includes Robert Stack (whose performance is the highlight here), Virginia Mayo, Ruth Roman, Raymond Burr, Alex Nicol and Leo Gordon. Everyone is game for this movie and they all seem to relish the dramatic nature of it. 


Presentation: 2:1 1080p. How does it look? Expect a glorious Technicolor print.

Audio Track: 2.0 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? A decent track overall, but expect some pops, crackles and other noise.

Extras: 4 MGM shorts titled “The Ship That Died” (about the missing crew of the Mary Celeste), “Strange Glory” (about The Tennessee Plan), “The Face Behind The Mask (about the man in the iron mask), and “The Magic Alphabet” (a vitamin centric short)


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