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10 Random Recommendations Part 13

Thunderbolt Beau

It’s time for a new round of recommendations. That’s all I have to say about that. On with the list!

  1. The Strokes- The New Abnormal- After a 7 year absence, The Strokes are back with a new album that is a real return to form for the rock band. 


  1. Prop Culture- This new Disney+ documentary series about famous Disney film props is nothing short of delightful. 


  1. Beastie Boys Story- There haven’t been many new films to talk about this year so far but this new Spike Jonze directed film which is part documentary/part stage performance is far and away one of the best of the year.


  1. Paramount Presents- The new line of discs from Paramount offer up great picture and audio quality. As of right now, “King Creole,” “To Catch A Thief,” and “Fatal Attraction” have been released with “Flashdance,” “Ghost,” “Pretty In Pink,” “Airplane!” and more to come. 


  1. The Titfield Thunderbolt- Chances are you haven’t heard of this fun British train centric comedy from Ealing Studios, but it’s well worth seeking out.


  1. Pearl Jam: Vault 9: Live In Seattle 12/8/93- I’ve been listening to a lot of live albums as of late and this one really stuck out to me as PJ plays harder and faster than I’ve ever heard them before. A truly electrifying concert.


  1. Devs- A twisty new sci-fi series from the mind of Alex Garland.


  1. Beau Brummell- When it comes to recent review discs, this Warner Archive period piece starring Stewart Granger and Peter Ustinov was one of the biggest surprises. It’s a real underrated gem. 


  1. Disney Gallery- To date there’s only been one episode of this “The Mandalorian” behind-the-scenes documentary series, but it’s already a winner. Can’t wait for the remaining episodes. 


  1. Police Squad!- The Complete Series Blu-ray- We all need a good laugh in these troubling times. Why not watch this highly amusing spoof series starring Leslie Nielsen?

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