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Get Out Your Handkerchiefs Blu-ray Review


“Get Out Your Handkerchiefs” is one weird movie.

French cinema is known for sex comedies and farces and 1978’s “Get Out You Handkerchiefs” falls into both categories. Director Bertrand Biler’s oddball comedy revolves around a married couple (Raoul and Solange) whose marriage is falling apart. Solange in particular seems troubled, depressed, ill, and in need of change. Wanting to make her happy, Raoul suggests she shack up with a random guy he sees checking her out (Stephane). Alas, the Mozart loving Stephane cannot help her either as Solange really seems desperate to have a child but neither Raoul or Stephane seem capable of impregnating her. To say anything more would be entering spoiler territory, but Solange eventually finds an unlikely solution to her problems.

“Get Out Your Handkerchiefs” (which won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film)  is certainly not what I was expecting. The movie starts off as a comedy about men and women, sexual norms, and intellect, but becomes a rather warped, outrageous, and dare I say creepy movie in the end. By today’s standards, there are more than a few moments that are blatantly sexist and not politically correct to say the least. Sure, it’s meant to be a comedy, but there’s something sleazy about how the movie ends. I’m being purposefully vague here as I’m not going to spoil where the movie goes for those that are unaware.

The one thing I can say about this film is that the acting is top notch. It’s not hard to see why Gerard Depardieu was such a big star as he really does own the screen with his charisma. Patrick Dewaere (Stephane) and Carol Laure (Solange) both give memorable performances as does Riton Liebman who plays the bright, young Christian.


Presentation: 1.66:1 1080p. How does it look? A pristine print.

Audio Track: French Mono. How does it sound? The Mono track does the job.

Extras: Original and re-release trailers for “Get Out Your Handkerchiefs,” trailers for other Cohen Media titles, and an intro by Film Professor Richard Pena.


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