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Criminal Minds: Season 15 DVD Review


“Criminal Minds” ends its run with Season 15.

After 15 seasons and numerous cast changes, the long running CBS procedural comes to an end with the fifteenth and final season. Throughout the 10 episode season, the FBI Behavior Analysis Unit team David Rossi, JJ, Dr. Reid, Dr. Lewis, Penelope Garcia, Matt Simmons, Emily Prentiss, and Luke Alvez investigate various serial killers, a serial bomber, kidnappings, a hitwoman, and decapitations. The main story arc, however, involves a serial killer named Everett Lynch AKA The Chameleon who is still at large. 

If you’ve been following the series for this long, I imagine you still will with the final seasons as you are already invested in the character relationships, the character dynamics, and perhaps other elements of the series as well. Furthermore, you’ll no doubt be wondering how the show wraps up and how The Chameleon storyline resolves. If none of this applies to you, there’s really no reason to get on board with this show as it’s a standard network procedural. Not only is the drama overplayed, but it’s so very apparent that TV has moved beyond shows like this. Granted, the show was at one time a big draw in its early years, but that ship has sailed. Now, there’s nothing remotely challenging here. If you want to see something that looks and feels different that also involves the FBI BAU, then seek out acclaimed shows like “Mindhunter” or “Hannibal.”

Cast wise, the show does have its fair share of talent especially with veteran actor Joe Mantegna in the lead. Keep an eye out for guest stars reprising roles ala Jane Lynch (Diana) and Aubrey Plaza (Cat) as well.


Presentation: 16:9. How does it look? A quality standard definition transfer. 

Audio Track:  Dolby Digital 5.1 How does it sound?? A perfectly adequate 5.1 track.

Extras include a 45 minute table read for the series finale, a featurette titled “Heart and Soul” about cast memories, and another featurette called “The Finish Line” about the characters, cast, and the end of the series. 

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