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Full Moon High Blu-ray Review


“Full Moon High” bites.

In “Full Moon High,” the story revolves around a high school football QB star (Tony) who becomes a werewolf after being bitten by one on a trip to Romania. Upon returning, he winds up dropping out of school due to a series of circumstances. Given that he is essentially immortal and doesn’t age, Tony winds up returning to Full Moon High to finish school and play in the big game. Alas, his werewolf side ends up causing more problems.

Written and directed by the late cult film director Larry Cohen (perhaps best known for “It’s Alive” and “QL The Winged Serpent”), “Full Moon” is a cheaply made horror comedy that certainly doesn’t compare to the likes of “An American Werewolf In London.” Heck, it’s not even on par with “Teen Wolf” despite being a proto version of that cult classic.’Full’ suffers from groan worthy sight gags (he eats dog food!), choppy editing (to put it politely), cornball dialogue, dopey slapstick humor, and gross homophobic, sexist and racist jokes. Really, the only remotely interesting thing about the story is that it contains a story arc in which he tries to redo his youth 20 years later. It was a curious exploration of the werewolf curse.

The cast is perhaps one of the strangest ever assembled but it’s also the most engaging part of the entire film. Ed McMahon has a role as Tony’s dad, Elizabeth Hartman (best known for her great work in “A Patch Of Blue”) plays a nerdy teacher, and Adam Arkin plays the main role of Tony. Keep your eyes peeled for a young Bob Saget, Pat Morita in a small role, and Alan Arkin (who plays opposite his son Adam in the end).


Presentation: 1.85:1 1080p. How does it look? As good of a print of this movie as you’ll see.

Audio Track: DTS-HD Mono. How does it sound? The sound quality is pretty bad no it’s fault of the track. it’s just the way it was recorded.

Extras include a “Full Moon High” trailer and a Steve Mitchell moderated commentary with Larry Cohen.


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