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Gunsmoke Season 19 DVD Review


Season 19 of “Gunsmoke” is nothing if not eventful.

Viewers can go back to Dodge with Matt Dillon, Doc, Kitty, Newly, Festus in the 24 episode season 19. Plot wise, expect to see stories about Native American selling white female sex slaves, an amnesiac Matt falling in love, a farm boy helping a drunk, a former gunslinger unable to escape his past, Kitty falling for a gunman with a bounty on his head, a thief named J.J., a lawyer defending two Native Americans accused of murder, a lynching, Newly facing a hanging, a wounded outlaw who falls in love, a mentally challenged man, Newly taking care of a sick baby of a wanted man, an outlaw family, a romance between a safe cracker and a saloon girl, Matt teaming up with other lawmen, an orphan child, a gunfighter named William, a schoolteacher who was raped, Buck seeking revenge for the death of his father, a former billiards star, a mother and her children, and Matt’s wounded shooting arm. 

Season 19 of “Gunsmoke” is rather significant for a number of reasons. Not only is it the penultimate season, but it also marks the last season for fan favorite characters Kitty Russell (Amanda Blake) and Glenn Strange (who played Sam the Bartender). Now, some fans may be frustrated that Kitty and Matt aren’t together and indeed find romance elsewhere in this season, but they still have many emotional scenes together at least.

In terms of episode stories, I was rather surprised to see some seriously dark subject matters such as sex slavery and rape explored in episodes like the 2 parter “Women For Sale” and “The Schoolmarm.” These aren’t subjects that tended to appear in older TV shows (to my knowledge at least) and I applaud the writers for boldly approaching them. 

Perhaps one of the most buzzed about episodes from this season is “The Disciple” which finds Matt’s shooting arm being severely injured. Not only does this throw his profession as a lawman into question, but it could prove deadly for the town’s safety. The episode also marks Kitty’s last appearance in the series excluding the TV movie.


Presentation: 4:3. How does it look? Some episodes look better than others, but the colors really pop here thanks to the remastered and restored work.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital Mono. How does it sound? An all-around clean Mono track.

* Previews on all episodes
* Photo gallery
* Commentary on “Women For Sale” by story editor Jim Byrnes.
* “Ben And Beckey Talk Gunsmoke Season 19”- The 2 uber fans and authors return with a discussion about the nineteenth season.

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