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Beastars Volume 5 Manga Review


“Beastars” gets dark in volume 5.

In the fifth volume of writer/artist Paru Itagaki’s “Beastars” manga series, the story deals with the kidnapping of Haru. Now, I won’t reveal who kidnaps her, but I will say that Legoshi risks his life to search for her. Aiding him in his quest is a returning character hint: he’s on the cover). The other main storylines here involve Louis and the Lion Mayor but I’ll avoid getting into specifics about them.

To say “Beastars” gets dark with the fifth volume is an understatement. We’ve seen plots involving the Black Market and murder in prior volumes, but this one primarily takes viewers out of Cherryton Academy and into the heart of the criminal underworld. There’s also a fair bit of action here as an intense brawl breaks out. It’s possible that this turn of events may feel like a detour from what has come before to some readers, but I feel like Itagaki stays true to the characters and continues to further develop the themes. In fact, I’d say the exploration of animal instincts, race, and the contrast between carnivores and herbivores gets downright existential here which only gives the story greater depth. In terms of the artwork, Itagaki’s panels really reflect the darker tone of this volume. There’s some really twisted and disturbing imagery and scenes in this volume (all of which grab your attention even more).

At the end of this volume, fans can expect a few bonuses in the way of Gohin character design notes, Mayor’s plastic surgery specifications, and two 1 page short stories of sorts.

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