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Dragon Ball Super Volume 8 Manga Review



In the eighth volume of writer Akira Toriyama’s “Dragon Ball Super” manga series, the Tournament of Power continues on. Goku, Vegeta, Freeza and company from Universe 7 are pitted against Kale, Caaulifla, and Cabbe from Universe and the seemingly unstoppable Jiren from Universe 11. The stakes couldn’t be higher as entire Universes are being wiped out left and right. Universe 7 is managing to hold their own but surprises from Kale and Jiren could prove deadly for Universe 7.

To say volume 8 is a page turner is an understatement. The fights come fast and furious here as the combatants begin to dwindle. By the end of the volume, you will know who is left standing, but, alas, you have to deal with a cliffhanger that will have you shouting “No!” Sadly, the Tournament of Power does not come to an end here and we are left aching to see what happens in volume 9. 

In terms of highlights, I don’t want to go too deeply into spoilers. For the most part, this is a very fight heavy volume so you can expect some grand displays of powers and strength by certain fighters. I will say that 2 of my favorite scenes involve Gohan and Master Roshi who both get their chance to shine here. For longtime DB fans like myself, it was a joy to see them have epic moments.

As per usual, artist Toyotarou is at the top of his game. His fight depictions are so fluid, smooth, and thrilling that you feel like you are right there in the action. He perfectly compliments Toriyama’s writing work. 

Last, but not least this manga includes a few bonuses in the form of Jiren drawing corrections, a bonus comic set on Monster Island, and a 2 page piece of Toyotarou interviewing Akira Toriyama.

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