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Ranking The 8 Leprechaun Movies

Lep 3 Lep Space

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I felt it was time to do what I should have done years ago- rank the Leprechaun movie franchise from best to worst. What nabbed the top spot? What is at the very bottom? Read on to find out!

  1. Leprechaun 3- To me, this is the crown jewel of the series. It’s great to see the character venturing outside small confines and wreaking havoc in a big city (Las Vegas to be precise). This third installment also boasts some of the craziest death scenes of the entire series. 


  1. Leprechaun In The Hood- No sequel embraces the campy nature of the series more than this one. Also, how can you go wrong with a movie that ends with a Leprechaun busting out a catchy rap song? 


  1. Leprechaun- Before she became a star in “Friends,” Jennifer Anniston starred in this low-budget campy horror gem that spawned an entire franchise. Warwick Davis steals the entire movie in the titular role.


  1. Leprechaun 2- A warped Leprechaun love story! Not as good as the first and a bit of a retread in spots, but better than most of the sequels nonetheless.


  1. Leprechaun: Back 2 Tha Hood- I’m not quite sure why Leprechaun went back to the hood, but he did. This sequel is not without its pleasures though.


  1. Leprechaun Returns- After “Leprechaun: Origins” flopped, the franchise was rebooted again. This time around, we get what is essentially a direct sequel to the original film. Warwick Davis does not star here, but Linden Porco does a fine job of filling his shoes. Worth a watch. 


  1. Leprechaun 4: In Space- Going to space is rarely ever a good idea for a horror franchise. It didn’t work for “Critters 4,” “Hellraiser: Bloodline,” “Dracula 3000,” and it doesn’t work for Leprechaun. I will fully admit that I do find “Jason X” entertaining though!


  1. Leprechaun: Origins- An unwatchable franchise reboot by WWE Studios. The series always worked best as campy horror fun and ‘Origins’ disregards this by trying to go full blown horror. It’s neither scary nor entertaining and it lacks the presence of Warwick Davis.

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