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Two On A Guillotine Blu-ray Review


“Two On A Guillotine” works more often than it doesn’t.

In “Two On A Guillotine,” the story revolves around Cassie, the child of a magician (Duke Duquesne) and a magic assistant (Melinda). Near the start of the film, we learn that Duke has passed on and that Cassie’s mother has mysteriously been missing for years. Cassie is set to inherit her father’s massive estate, but only if she spends 7 nights in his creepy mansion where the Duke vows to return from the grave. Upon arriving at said estate, she bumps into Val who is not what he seems to be. Scared by the place and its many tricks, Val comforts Cassie and the two eventually begin to fall for another. However, the longer Cassie stays at the place the stranger things become. Is someone else after the inheritance? Will Cassie be able to spend 7 nights at the home? Is the Duke really dead? What exactly happened to Melinda? There are many questions which will be answered in the end.

Directed by William Conrad and scripted by Henry Slesar and John Kneubuhl, “Two On A Guillotine” is highly reminiscent of William Castle’s “House On Haunted Hill,” but it thankfully manages to be its own movie about secrets, family, mysteries, and the past. The mix of being both a haunted house movie and a magician centric tale somehow works well together as the viewer is left wondering what is real or if something supernatural is indeed going on. The only downside to this fun premise is that the middle act drags and meanders about until the big reveals in the end. This movie really has no place being 107 minutes when it should be a tight 90 minute horror film. Still, the script does deserve some credit for its attention to character in this time period.

The cast is strong here. Dean Jones was always a likable actor on screen and that holds true here. Cesar Romero (best known as The Joker in the “Batman” TV series) seems to relish playing a rather warped and tragic character. Connie Stevens may not be a progressive character as she shrieks and runs into the arms of Val a bit too much, but her chemistry with Jones is convincing. 


Presentation: 2.35:1. How does it look? Expect a wonderful B&W print.

Audio Track: 2.0 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? A solid track despite some clunky audio recordings.

The lone extra is a trailer for “Two On A Guillotine.”


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