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The Mandalorian Poster Book Review


Baby Yoda. I have spoken.

Given that there is a severe lack of “The Mandalorian” merchandise at this point in time, it’s nice to see a new tie-in release courtesy of Disney and Lucasfilm Press. The aforementioned release being a poster book containing 16 pull-out double-sided posters.

Naturally, the poster book is filled with images of The Child or as he is more affectionately known Baby Yoda. Expect both still images and cute art pieces of the beloved character including one of him munching on a frog-like creature.

Outside of Baby Yoda, the titular bounty hunter character is also prominently displayed here in various poses and or with The Child via stills and stylish art (the Holiday Special esque piece of Mando riding a Blurrg is particularly noteworthy).

The downside to this poster book is the lack of pieces containing other key characters. Cara Dunne, IG-11 and The Armorer are featured, but there’s sadly no sign of Greef Karga or Kuiil! What gives?

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