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The Lighthouse Blu-ray Review


“The Lighthouse” is sure to split audiences.

Directed by Robert Eggers of “The Witch” fame, the 1890s New England.set “The Lighthouse” revolves around Thomas (the boss) and his new underling (Ephraim) who are stationed at an isolated lighthouse together for a 4 week lighthouse keeping job. Can the two keep their sanity or will things spiral wildly out of control?

On paper, “The Lighthouse” could have been an atmospheric and claustrophobic psychological horror film about sanity, isolation, identity, human frailty, but the Robert and Max Eggers scripted tale is too arty and odd for its own good. This is the type of film that will not only test one’s patience, but one that makes you wonder why it is so overlong when there’s barely enough content here for a short film. The concept of descending into madness is so evident early on that the movie flounders about for minutes on end as Eggers leans heavily on eerie imagery, dreams, farts, seagulls, mermaids, booze, and storms. Sure, it all looks visually stunning in B&W courtesy of Jarin Blaschke, but the visuals can only get you so far.

Cast wise, both Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson are impressive despite the lack of story around them. Dafoe steals the show as a rambling old timer with a pirate esque voice. Robert Pattinson continues to show range as the secretive and unstable young Ephraim.


Presentation: 1.19:1 1080p. How does it look? A super sharp B&W transfer.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? From the creaky floorboards to the rumbling storm, this track is nothing if not effective.

* Digital copy
* 4 deleted scenes
* Lionsgate/A24 trailers
* “The Lighthouse: A Dark and Stormy Tale”- A 3 part extra with film clips, interviews, story inspirations and discussions, set footage, conversations about the visuals and characters, and more.
* A solo commentary by director and co-writer Robert Eggers

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