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Dragon Ball Super Volume 7 Manga Review


“Dragon Ball Super” Volume 7 is packed with action.

Written by Akira Toriyama, the seventh volume of “Dragon Ball Super” finds The Lords of Everything’s Tournament of Power beginning. The stakes could not be any higher as select universes that lose the tournament will be wiped out from existence. Goku and his team of familiar faces from Universe 7 have stiff competition from the likes of Universes 6, 11 and 4. Universe 11 in particular proves to be the most powerful with the mysterious (and hyped) fighter Jiren on the squad. Note: The manga includes a bonus with Toriyama’s corrections.

Tournaments are nothing new to the DB universe, but the Tournament of Power is different from the norm as losing universes are wiped out. With these massive stakes, there’s an added intensity to the free for all battle. Additionally, the Tournament also harkens back to the DBZ era as the Universe 7 squad brings back some familiar faces/fan favorite characters. In terms of the action, it’s simply page turning fun. There’s all manner of stories within this epic brawl with Freeza plotting his own moves, an invisible fighter, Jiren’s strength, Lady Ribrianne’s ridiculous beauty strength and so on. Alas, we all have to wait for volume 8 to see how it all pans out. It’s going to be a brutal wait to be sure!

Artist Toyotarou is in top form here. Between the wide variety of characters and the plethora of action, there’s so much great art on display here.

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