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The Best TV Series Of 2019

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With new streaming services and an influx of content, 2019 was nothing if not an eventful year in TV. New shows emerged, old shows came back, current series delivered fresh seasons, and documentary series continued to thrive. Basically, there was a wide variety of series to choose from. Truth be told, it was tough to narrow it all down to 10, but, as per usual, I have included notable picks as well. On with the list!

1. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance- Between the seamless blend of puppetry and CGI and the rich characterization, this is a grand achievement in televised fantasy storytelling.

2. The Mandalorian- This is the Star Wars I have been waiting for. Not only does it dive into the underworld, but new characters are being explored (including the beloved Baby Yoda).

3. Perpetual Grace Ltd.- Far and away the best show no one saw. It’s a weird, wholly original neo-noir with an all-star cast. I can only hope Epix orders a second season.

4. Star Trek: Discovery- Season 2 went above and beyond season 1 with a compelling season spanning story arc, the inclusion of Original Series characters, and a further development of the main cast of characters.

5. Barry- Initially, I was wondering how this series would run with what seemed like a limited premise. Thankfully, the dark comedy continues to surprise with a wild season 2. Honestly, this series deserved a spot on this list for the crazy episode 5 alone.

6. Veronica Mars- After the hugely disappointing feature film, the cult series goes back to basics and focuses on what made the show work to begin with- the father-daughter dynamic.

7. Schitt’s Creek- It took me several years to finally get around to it, but in 2019 I watched every episode of this comedic character centric series. All I can say is believe the hype.

8. Cobra Kai- The sophomore season shows that season 1 was not a fluke. “The Karate Kid” sequel series is a prime example of how to do both a sequel and a reboot in a creative fashion.

9. Succession- This HBO series about a media mogul’s dysfunctional, backstabbing family gets better and better with each episode.

10. Fosse/Verdon- Sam Rockwell and Michelle Williams amaze in this bio series about Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon.

Notables: “Stranger Things,” “What We Do In The Shadows,” “Now Apocalypse,” “The Act,” “The Imagineering Story,” “Fleabag,” “Primal,” “Silicon Valley,” “Doctor Who: Resolution,” “The Goldbergs,” “Schooled,” “The Punisher,” “You,” “True Detective,” “Crashing,” “The Purge,” “Doom Patrol,” “The Flash,” “The Toys That Made Us,” “The Movies That Made Us,” “Treadstone,” “Easy,” “Black Mirror,” “The Chef Show,” “Trinkets,” “Baskets,” “Leaving Neverland,” “Years and Years,” and “Carnival Row.”

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