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Beastars Volume 3 Manga Review


Volume 3 of “Beastars” is the best yet.

The third volume of writer/artist Paru Itagaki’s “Beastars” is eventful to say the least. The aftermath of the Bill and Legoshi on stage fight is explored, Legoshi continues to grapple with his feelings for Haru, an Herbivore was murdered in a nearby town, a new drama club student (Juno a Gray Wolf) has feelings for Legoshi, a chicken (Legom) gets an entire chapter, and a psychotherapist Panda tries to treat Legoshi. The manga concludes with Haru character design notes, a blurb about Cherryton and the outside world, and 2 page bonus story with Legoshi.

If you found yourself drawn in by the first two volumes of “Beastars,” you’ll be happy to know the third volume expands upon the ideas and concepts that have already been presented. First and foremost, there’s more much more world building here with the inclusion of things like a Grooming Ceremony, the Meteor Festival, and more exploration of what lies outside of Cherryton Academy (including The Black Market).

As many characters that have popped up in this series, not a lot have been developed much. That changes in volume 3 as characters such as Legom and Juno are featured prominently. Hopefully we get to know even more Cherryton students down the line.

In terms of the existing characters, both Legoshi and Haru get a lot of attention in this particular volume. Legoshi’s carnivorous instincts are addressed in great detail here as the character continues to internally struggle.

Last, but not least, the artwork here is the best I have seen in this series. The pieces involving downtown, the Meteor Festival, the Black Market and background characters really draw the eye. It feels like Paru Itagaki is getting better with each volume.

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