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The Art Of Racing In The Rain Blu-ray Review


Haven’t I seen this movie before?

Based on the novel by Garth Stein, “The Art Of Racing In The Rain” is told through the POV of a golden retriever named Enzo who is looking back on his life in his dying days. We see Enzo being taken in by a race car driver named Denny and proceed to journey with Enzo as Denny finds love with a teacher (Eve), has a family, and experiences a series of tragedies.

As a dog person even I am rather baffled by the current movie fad/gimmick of seeing stories that hint at reincarnation and deal with dog’s inner thoughts. “The Art Of Racing In The Rain” is the latest in this line of movies although this one is more of a family drama that is one step away from being a Lifetime movie. Sure, the movie is a well intentioned drama that tugs at the heart strings of dog owners and families, but it often feels like a manipulative soap opera (especially when it comes to the forced storyline involving Eve’s parents). Perhaps the most baffling thing about this movie is the seemingly out of the blue moments ala the stuffed zebra. Not only does it feel really out of the place tonally, it’s just downright bizarre.

Even though racing is in the title, don’t expect to see much in the ways of racing. The racing element is used more for eye-rolling metaphors and symbolism to be honest.

In terms of the cast, everyone turns in quality performances here. Milo Ventimiglia makes a good lead here and Kevin Costner is the heart and soul of the movie as the voice of Enzo. Amanda Seyfried has a limited role as Eve but she’s always a consistent performer. It’s always good to see the underrated Martin Donovan even though he’s saddled with a cheap antagonist role.


Presentation: 1.85:1 1080p. Grade: A-

Audio Track: 7.1 DTS-HD MA. Grade: A


* Digital copy

* Fox trailers and a theatrical trailer for “The Art Of Racing In The Rain.”

* “A Journey To Screen”- A bonus feature about Garth Stein’s novel and its transition to the big screen.

* “Directing The Art”- A featurette about director Simon Curtis and his work

* “Enzo Cam”- The filming of the charming dog is the focus of this extra.

* “Behind The Wheel”- The on screen racing authenticity is explored here.

* “The Dog Stays In The Picture”- A behind-the-scenes look at the dogs featured in the film.

* “Enzo’s First Ride”- A glimpse at one of the final scenes.

* An informative solo commentary by director Simon Curtis.

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