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Beastars Volume 2 Manga Review


“Beastars” continues to engage with the second volume.

Written and drawn by Paru Itagaki, “Beastars” volume 2 further explores the world of Cherryton Academy (a high school for herbivores and carnivores). There’s essentially 2 main stories being told here. The first involves Legoshi (a gray wolf) and Gardening Club member Haru (a Netherland Dwarf-Rabbit). In the first volume, Legoshi essentially attacked Haru, but she has no recollection of the event. Now, Legoshi begins to fall for her. The second half revolves around the Drama Club which has been given a school honor award. The club is busy prepping for performances of the show with egomaniac star Louid (a red deer). So as to not spoil all the surprises, let’s just say there’s drama behind-the-scenes involving an injury and fighting.

Volume 1 of “Beastars” showed great promise and thankfully there’s no drop off in quality in volume 2. Paru Itagaki continues the world building here by showcasing new things as rooms simulating animals natural environments, the PR club, and offering up a bit more characterization for the likes of Bill (a tiger), Legoshi (the main character), and Louis. Do I think more supporting characters should be developed more? Yes, but who is to say that won’t happen in future volumes.

Thematically, I appreciate that Itagaki continues to explore the idea of carnivorous instincts with the carnivore animal characters. It’s clear that this is building to something more. However, it’s a bit odd that the murder from the first volume wasn’t expanded upon more here.

The artwork here looks a bit sharper than in the first volume. Compared to the average manga series, it’s a decidedly and refreshingly unique style. The little details on the characters and backgrounds really stood out to this reviewer.

The managa concludes with Louis character design notes, a look at Legoshi’s belongings, a bonus 2 page scene and ads for other Viz Media titles.

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