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Star Wars Creatures Big And Small Book Review


“Star Wars Creatures Big And Small” will delight young Star Wars fans.

Written by Calliope Glass and Caitlin Kennedy, “Star Wars Creatures Big And Small” is a storybook in which Yoda speaks about creatures big and small throughout the galaxy. Among the creatures given the spotlight here are Porgs, Mynocks, Wampas, Rancors, Sarlaccs, Dewbacks, Tookas, Banthas, Rathtars, Puffer Pigs and oh so many more from the films and even the animated series like “Star Wars Rebels.”

For all the kids who want to know more about the creatures within the Star Wars universe, “Star Wars Creatures Big And Small” is the perfect book. Not only is the descriptive written content told in a fun, whimsical Dr. Seuss esque fashion, but it also covers a fair amount of creatures. Alas, it is not comprehensive as creatures such as the Dianoga, Gundarks and Krayt Dragons are nowhere to be found here. Still, given that this is a short storybook, I was surprised at how many were mentioned including some obscure ones like the Gorgs.

Each creature is accompanied by illustrations by Katie Cook. The creatures are not screen accurate but rather cute, cuddly, and colorful interpretations of them to make them more kid friendly. Yes, even the ferocious creatures like Corellian Hounds and Acklays appear much less hostile. Some may scoff at the watered down versions, but the imagery works well with the written words.

“Star Wars Creatures Big And Small” is now available.

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