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Star Wars Adventures 2019 Annual Comic Book Review


“Star Wars Adventures 2019 Annual” will delight longtime fans.

Just by looking at the cover by the legendary Stan Sakai of “Usagi Yojimbo” fame, you know the “Star Wars Adventures 2019 Annual” will be a special issue and indeed it is.

The first story is titled “Hare-Brained Heist” and it is set after “Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi.” Lando and Nien Nunb still have the Falcon and Han Solo wants it back, but the two decide to answer a distress call. To make a long story short, they bump into Jaxxon (yep, he’s back!), encounter an Imperial occupied planet, and must find a priceless cultural totem to save the planet’s inhabitants.

Written by Cavan Scott, this is a rather lengthy story for “Star Wars Adventures” and, truth be told, it looks and feels like a throwback to the old Marvel comic days. Granted, a lot of that has to do with the appearance of Jaxxon and the colorful art by Mauricet and colorist Charlie Kirchoff, but still. The story itself is loaded with Lando and Jaxxon banter and also includes some very weird stuff here such as a chrome jaw Imperial villain named Commodore Korda who is basically the Jaws of the SW universe.

The second story here is titled “So Much More” from writers Pierrick Colinet and Elsa Charretier. In this adventure, the story revolves around a young Princess Leia on Alderaan who learns about Queen Amidala from Breha Organa (her adopted mother). Not only is it a sweet, charming, and wonderful tribute to the characters, but it’s exceedingly well done in how it is told. The story is aided by a unique almost storybook/animated series art style by Margaux Saltel. This is easily my favorite art that I have seen in “Star Wars Adventures” thus far.

The comic closes out with an excerpt from “Star Pig” issue 1 and IDW comic ads.

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