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Star Wars: Galaxy Of Adventures: Heroes And Villains Book Review


“Star Wars: Galaxy Of Adventures: Heroes And Villains” is a perfect book for young readers.

Written by Ella Patrick, “Star Wars Galaxy Of Adventures: Heroes And Villains” provides of an overview of the Original Trilogy era (Episodes 4, 5, and 6) accompanied by images from the Titmouse animated “Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures” animated shorts. Within these pages, Patrick mentions heroic Jedi and Rebellion characters (like Yoda, Luke, Leia, and their allies), villains (such as Darth Vader, The Emperor, and Stormtroopers), weapons, vehicles, and ships (ala X-Wings and Star Destroyers) and the conflict between the Rebellion and the Empire.

If you have a child that loves “Star Wars” and is learning to read, “Star Wars: Galaxy Of Adventures: Heroes And Villains” is ideal. The book (which is part of the World of Reading series) is designed for Level 2 readers (Kindergarten through second grade). Patrick’s writing is very succinct and simplistic so that young readers are able to not only read it, but understand it. Although the book may be short in length, Patrick does a fine job of summarizing the central story and characters of the Original Trilogy films.

While it would have been nice to see original art or even film frames, the stills from the animated shorts compliment the writing here as they are much more colorful and kid friendly.

As an added bonus, the book contains 34 stickers of everything from Han Solo and Luke’s Landspeeder to Darth Vader and a Wampa.

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