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Dragon Ball Super Volume 6 Manga Review


“Dragon Ball Super” continues to delight with volume 6.

Writer Akira Toriyama kicks off volume 6 with 2 exhibition fighting matches. The first is a battle royale between the Gods of Destruction and the second finds Goku facing off against a God of Destruction candidate named Toppo. After that, it is announced that there will be a battle royale Tournament of Universes with 10 contenders from each universe. This is no ordinary tournament, however, as the losing universes will be wiped from existence (Universes 1, 12, 5 and 8 are exempt). With the stakes being critically high, the story turns its attention on Universe 11, 7 and 6 assembling teams. In Universe 11, the mysterious Jiren (the most powerful being there) is being recruited. In Universe 7, Goku is trying to recruit friends and maybe some foes (no spoilers here). In Universe 6, we learn about a character named Caulifa who joins their squad.

Like the previous 5 volumes, volume 6 is a page turner. From the intense exhibition battles to the various Universe team building sequences that see new characters introduced along with some familiar faces making a return, longtime Dragon Ball fans will be over the moon by the content within these pages. Suffice it so say, volume 7 can’t come soon enough. What will happen in the tournament? Which Universes will be erased? Why are characters like Jiren and Caulifa being built up so much? There’s so many questions whose resolutions will be of great interest.

Of course, given that this is the DB universe, there’s moments of great humor here as well. Without delving into spoilers, I will say that Bulma’s birthing scene is without a doubt one of the weirdest moments in the DB universe.

The art by Toyotarou is nothing short of breathtaking as per usual. His unique style, creative layouts and depictions of action are top tier. Still, I wish he wouldn’t cram so many panels into each page. Bigger and more expansive panels would be beneficial when it comes to showcasing the epic fight scenes. Perhaps that’s just a personal preference, but I do feel like there should be more breathing room so to speak as certain panels feel too small given what is taking place inside of them.

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