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Yesterday 4K UHD Review


“Yesterday” wastes its promising premise.

In “Yesterday,” the story centers on a struggling musician (Jack) who is thinking about giving up on his career dreams. After he is hit by a bus, however, he discovers that The Beatles aren’t a popular cultural icon and that other things like Coca-Cola don’t exist. Wanting to keep their music alive, Jack passes The Beatles songs off as his own and, as a result, he becomes a rising star in the music industry and begins to tour with Ed Sheeran. At the heart of the movie is a romance between Jack and his friend Ellie (a teacher). Jack is seemingly oblivious to her being the love of his life as he’s more focused on being someone he isn’t. Will he miss his chance to be with her?

Directed by Danny Boyle and scripted by Richard Curtis (who has written some of the best romantic comedies of the past 25 years), “Yesterday” is a movie that will undoubtedly split audiences. If you go with the flow of the story, you may find it to be a winning crowd pleaser. If you find yourself thinking the movie is filled with great ideas that never go anywhere, you’re going to be frustrated. I certainly fall into the latter category.

“Yesterday” is a movie with a great central concept that could have explored so many subjects and themes. Instead, it squanders the premise and devolves into a standard rom-com. On top of that, the script is littered with aggravating elements. There are no answers as to why the world changed, Richard Curtis doesn’t know how to end the story, Ed Sheeran is included far too much and is sometimes more of a focus than The Beatles, the idea of other people knowing about The Beatles is unexplored, and the movie often feels more like a Beatles karaoke than a tribute to the band, their legacy and their creative genius.

On the positive side, stars Himesh Patel and Lily James are delightful. The two have great chemistry together and they do their best to elevate the lackluster material. Patel is particularly noteworthy here as he actually does his own singing here (and he does it well).


Presentation: 2.39:1 2160p. How does it look? In a word, perfect.

Audio Track: Dolby Atmos. How does it sound? A rocking Atmos track that really comes alive during the music performance scenes.

* Blu-ray copy and Digital copy
* 12 deleted scenes and an alternate opening and ending
* “Live At Abbey Road Studios”- 3 studio recordings of “Yesterday,” “I Want To Hold Your Hand,” and “Let It Be” by Himesh Patel and others.
* A 2 minute gag reel
* “A Talented Duo”- An extra about the collab between Danny Boyle and Richard Curtis.
* “Playing For Real”- A featurette about Himesh Patel.
* “Soul Mates” explores the relationship between Ellie and Jack.
* “Ed Sheeran: From Stadium To Screen”- An extra about, you guessed it, Ed Sheeran.
* “Agent of Comedy: Kate McKinnon”
* A conversation between Richard Curtis and Ed Sheeran.
* An enjoyable commentary by Danny Boyle and Richard Curtis.


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