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Dragon Ball Super Volume 5 Manga Review


The fifth volume of “Dragon Ball Super” is full of action and surprises.

In the fifth volume of writer Akira Toriyama’s “Dragon Ball Super” manga series, the intense battle between God Zamas and Goku (in Super Saiyan Blue form) rages on. So as to avoid spoiling what all happens, I will just say the rest of the manga involves the Zamas problem multiplying (literally), time travel, training, the Lord of Everything and a new tournament. The manga concludes with a bonus story about Trunks making a decision (again, I’m being vague here on purpose).

For those that were thrilled by the action packed fourth volume, you certainly won’t be let down by volume 5 which contains just as many mega battles. I wish I could go into more detail about what happens and what is set-up in this volume, but it’s all too spoilery for me to get into. What I can say is some storylines are resolved while new ones are introduced. Yes, I know that is also vague, but I’m hamstrung here!

In terms of the characters, everyone has their big moment here. Trunks has a really bad-ass moment, the never ending rivalry between Vegeta and Goku heats up, Lord Beerus (and the Gods of Destruction in general) are spotlighted more and the bizarre and intriguing Lord of Everything has several key scenes here.

The art by Toyotarou is first rate (but you probably already knew that). The battles are as thrilling and page turning as ever and there are even some truly stunning and detailed panels (scope out the epic double page panel on pages 60 and 61 for reference).

Overall Thoughts: “Dragon Ball Super” continues to prove there’s plenty of life left in the DB franchise and that is especially evident in volume 5. Bring on volume six!

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