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Star Wars: Alien Archive Book Review


“Star Wars: Alien Archive” makes a fine addition to one’s SW book collection.

“Star Wars: Alien Archive” (which is a companion piece to “Star Wars: Galactic Maps”) is an in universe book. The concept is that the contents of the book are from the Graf Archive along with the journals and findings of an unknown traveling author. The author also provides notes about the aliens along with personal encounters. Basically, it helps give the book personality instead of just being a sort of catalogue of aliens. Anyway, the book showcases species of aliens from various planets and environments from Tatooine and Geonosis to Coruscant and Hoth. While the amount of details varies from species to species, expect to see specs about the planet of origin, cultural details, pictures, factoids, vehicles and weapons used, general appearances, and noted members of the species (an example would be Ahsoka the Togruta).

With Star Wars Celebration a mere two days away, it’s fitting that I am reviewing a new SW book. While aimed at a younger audience (particularly with it being picture heavy), “Star Wars Alien Archive” is really for any fan interested in the SW universe. Of course you get to see a lot of the iconic aliens and creatures like Tusken Raiders, Jawas, Twi’leks, Rodians, Wookiees, Hutts, Zabraks, Ewoks, Rancors and Porgs, but there’s also some obscure stuff for big time fans here like Octeroids, Slug-Beetles, Ongree and Puffer Pigs (don’t ask). There’s hundreds of images and written words to pour over including some surprises like the Kaleesh (the species of General Grievous), the Mortis Force-Wielders, a Krayt Dragon (with image!), and, yes, even the Dejarik creatures. Granted, the book is not comprehensive (I noticed the lack of Lakaru), but the book lends itself to have an expanded edition down the line especially when more films and shows are released.

As mentioned above, the book contains many pictures which are all done by artist Tim McDonagh. His work here is top of the line. The illustrations all resemble their on screen counterparts but, like any good artist, he also puts his own colorful stamp on them as well.

Overall Thoughts: Whether you want to know more about background aliens or characters seen for a split second, “Star Wars: Alien Archive” has you covered. There’s so much to see and learn here about the SW universe which makes this one an easy recommendation. Look for this one to hit shelves April 30, 2019


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