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Tarantula! Blu-ray Review


“Tarantula!” is a slow paced giant spider movie.

“Tarantula!” is exactly as advertised- a giant spider movie. The story concerns a Professor (Gerald Deemer) experimenting with a growth formula on animals for food purposes. Alas, the experiment backfires and causes ill effects for animals and humans. One such test subject (a tarantula) escapes in an accident and begins to wreak havoc wherever it goes. Can the tarantula be stopped?

Released during the 50s monster movie craze (1955 to be exact), director Jack Arnold (perhaps best known for the fantastic creature feature “Creature From The Black Lagoon”) helmed this giant spider movie which isn’t as exciting as the poster would lead you to believe. Up until around the 68 minute mark, much of the story revolves around wooden character interactions, humans suffering from acromegaly, a slow lead-up to the action, and a forced romance between a Doctor and an assistant to the Professor (Stephanie AKA Steve). Basically, there’s not much to chew on or care about in this portion. In the final 12 minutes, however, the movie thankfully comes alive when the spider smashes through a house and is attacked by fighter planes among other things. If only there was more of this!

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this film is the special effects. For the time period, they are deeply impressive especially when compared to other giant monster films of the 50s. A job well done by the entire team responsible for the effects.


Presentation: 1.85:1 1080p. How does it look? The B&W appears a bit snowy, but this is a nice hi-def transfer overall.

Audio Track: DTS-HD Mono. How does it sound? A super crisp Mono track.

* “Tarantula” trailer
* Still gallery
* Poster and lobby card gallery
* A fact filled commentary by Tom Weaver, Dr. Robert J. Kiss and David Schecter.

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