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Dick Tracy: Dead Or Alive Issue 3 Comic Book Review


The plot thickens in the third issue of “Dick Tracy: Dead Or Alive.”

In the third of four issues of writers Lee and Michael Allred’s “Dick Tracy: Dead Or Alive” mini-series, the titular cop is framed for murder and is wanted dead or alive. Both criminals and cops are after Tracy leaving him in deep trouble. Luckily, Tracy gets help in the form of new allies (and may potentially get a handy new item as well). Elsewhere in the story, readers get more developments on the mysterious new crime syndicate boss.

If you’ve come this far with “Dick Tracy: Dead Or Alive,” there’s no reason you won’t enjoy this issue and be eager for the fourth one. Much like the previous two issues, there’s nothing revelatory about this one as it doesn’t reinvent the character or contain a gamechanging story. It’s simply a quality Tracy tale that ratchets up the intensity with the Tracy on the run storyline while also adding in new surprises like Tracy’s new allies and the crime boss reveal. Really, that’s all it needs to do because it’s quite clear that everyone involved is paying tribute to the legendary yellow coat sporting character.

Artist Rich Tommaso, inker Michael Allred, and colorist Laura Allred’s combined work provide more visually pleasing imagery that’s a cross between old and new school. It’s a fitting mix given that the content itself is a mixture of modern and retro. This is especially evident with issue 3 which mentions modern tech while also showcasing things not of this time period.

The comic concludes with a Dick Tracy timeline, a cover art gallery and IDW comic ads.

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