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Mélo Blu-ray Review


“Mélo” is stagy but well acted.

Based on the play by Henri Bernstein and adapted to a 1986 film by director Alain Resnais, “Mélo” revolves around a love triangle between a pianist (Romaine AKA Maniche), her husband Pierre, and Pierre’s friend Marcel (a violinist) in 1920’s Paris. Romaine and Marcel end up having feelings for one another, but is their romance (and Romaine’s marriage) doomed? That would be telling.

Upon watching “Mélo,” it is quite clear that it was based on a stage play because Alain Resnais’ film version is also a very stagy and dialogue heavy character piece about love, music, friendship, memories, and secrets. One can argue it turns into an overly dramatic film with soap opera esque theatrics and that’s certainly valid, but, as a character piece, it’s still a poignant and tragic tale of romance.

The real reason “Mélo” works at all is because of the trio of performers- Sabine Azema (Romaine), Pierre Arditi (Pierre), and Andre Dussollier (Marcel). Not only do these actors dive head first into these layered characters, but they also have great chemistry together. This is especially evident in the opening dinner sequence. Basically, they all sell the characters (and the material) they are given.


Presentation: 1.66:1 1080p. How does it look? The 2K restoration is passable. The print is overly grainy and a bit blotchy color wise, but the restoration team clearly tried their best.

Audio Track: French 1.0 Mono. How does it sound? The lossless Mono track is perfectly adequate.

* “Melo” trailer
* A booklet containing credits, photos and an essay by writer Bilge Ebiri.
* 6 separate archival interviews with Alain Resnais (audio only), producer Marin Karmitz, actor Pierre Adriti, actor Andre Dussollier, script supervisor Sylvette Baudrot and set designer Jacques Saulnier.
* “Jonathan Romney On Melo”- Film critic Jonathan Romney fondly discusses “Melo.”

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